Popular Allied Health Specialties 

Explore these trending health careers and discover the education you’ll need. Which one is right for you?

The field of allied health is made up of an array of professions that fall outside the traditional healthcare categories of doctors and nurses. Fields such as healthcare administration and medical therapy offer a number of important and essential jobs under their broad umbrella.  

A specialty will take you even deeper into the allied health realm, offering opportunities to fine-tune your professional skills and opening doors to potential advancement. 

Dental Careers

Who doesn’t love a great smile? A job in the dentistry profession allows you the opportunity to support patients’ oral health—either directly or behind the scenes. 

Healthcare Administration

Maybe direct patient care isn’t your jam? You can still make a difference in the healthcare industry in one of these administrative positions.

Put Your Passion to Work

If you’re ready to start researching health schools that can help you apply your skills and passion for helping