Women in Healthcare: An Evolving Landscape

Healthcare demands in America are growing, but who is caring for our patients?

Primarily women.

Allied health has long been a female-dominated space. Whether the career is medical assisting or public health, women significantly outnumber men in these careers. Even some of our government’s top healthcare roles are held by women.

On the technology side, we were impressed to find out that many cutting-edge companies are also female-led. Just look at someone like Halle Tecco, who founded the first seed fund devoted to digital health startups.

Men still outrank women in other areas, however. Our Women in Healthcare infographic spotlights the salary gaps that exist between genders. We also take a step back in history to highlight the women who influenced the fields of dentistry and physical therapy. Finally, we dug deep into our own data here at AllAlliedHealthSchools.com to find out which degree programs female students are enrolling in today.


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A New Workplace

Organizations are beginning to recognize that in order to attract, and keep, qualified employees, they need to provide a solid work/life balance. Healthcare has never been a 9-to-5 job, but the introduction of flexible scheduling has allowed more women to purse their dreams.

Working moms are everywhere—in the hospital room, doctor’s office and pharmacy. While family support is integral to their career success, employer support is too. Most women say that perks, such as onsite daycare, make their job easier.

It’s not perfect, however. There is still a lot of work to do to reshape the perception of women with families.

Women Helping Women

As we sifted through the data, a common theme emerged: Women lack mentors. Although we may be informally supporting each other in the workplace, formal mentoring remains elusive. Why? One reason is women simply don’t ask each other for help.

Our infographic looks at the efforts being made to promote mentorship in different organizations. It’s a strong reminder that women supporting other women at work is a key to success.

Get Going

Women are so busy treating patients and taking care of their families that they forget to advocate for themselves. Here are a few ways we can make our voice heard and push for more equality in healthcare:

  • Get involved in community events and join professional organizations.
  • Take risks: Volunteer for projects and roles to gain visibility.
  • Be innovative: Great ideas can lead to new and exciting opportunities.
  • Keep learning: Earn a degree. Take a class. Ask questions.
  • Cultivate a talented staff; promote teamwork.

Healthcare has certainly given women plenty of opportunities, but there’s always room for more. The next step is fighting for equality in pay and career trajectories.