Looking for Work? Here’s How Healthcare Staffing Agencies Can Help.

Finding your first job out of school isn’t always easy. Healthcare staffing agencies can offer solutions and insights.

The demands of the healthcare industry are always changing, so every bit of direction counts. You may also be wondering what kind of workplace best suits your career and lifestyle needs. Enter healthcare staffing agencies. These agencies can provide guidance and stability in a highly competitive job market because they already have the connections to the types of workplaces you may be interested in. Because not everyone may know about this effective job placement resource, we’ve gone ahead and broken down everything you need to know about using one.

What Can a Healthcare Staffing Agency Offer Me?

You’ve put in the time and effort to further your healthcare education goals—you’ve earned your degree or certificate—and now you want to put your highly skilled self to work. Signing on with a healthcare staffing agency can give you choices, benefits and a rewarding work environment. Of course, every agency is different, but here are the many perks that many of them offer.

  • Work schedule options: Depending on your needs, jobs can be contract, per-diem (per-day), temporary, temporary-to-permanent, travel and direct placement. This allows for you to try out different placements to find out what’s best for you, or find a second or part-time job if that’s your goal.
  • A wide array of industry jobs: Find everything from dental to respiratory therapy to medical administration job openings. Agencies are great about scouting out job opportunities in as many specializations as possible.
  • Benefits: Many agencies aim to treat you like you’d treat your patients—with care. That’s why they may offer great benefits that keep your schedule, lifestyle and health needs in mind.
  • Dedication: No matter what questions or concerns you may have, there are people who can answer these questions and guide you to finding the best job fit. Some even offer these services 24/7.
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An Industry Expert Shares What He Knows

Just to make sure we really did our homework, we interviewed an Account Recruitment Manager from a highly regarded healthcare staffing agency. We asked the questions that would best help allied health employees understand how the values and goals of agencies like these align with their career goals. We think you’ll be pleased, so here’s a look at our Q&A session and the key things we learned.

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Healthcare staffing agencies have one goal: to find you a job that makes you and your employer happy.

What is the business role of a healthcare staffing agency?
Healthcare staffing agencies provide additional staff support and recruiting power to facilities and entities that have challenges finding staff on their own. The reasons for these challenges include things like lack of manpower or the need of temporary staff.

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They make sure to set you up for success.

How do agencies and those who work there help people looking for jobs right out of their education programs or looking to switch jobs?
Healthcare staffing agencies focus on the candidates’ skills, goals and experience when trying to help people find the right fit.

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Agencies give you options. Good ones.

What are the benefits of using a healthcare staffing agency?
We’re able to offer flexibility, the ability to work in multiple settings, and highly competitive pay rates.

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You’ll be able to try out different work environments and areas of healthcare.

Are healthcare staffing agencies a good option for those who need to find a job quickly? Do you offer short-term contracts that would be a good way to experience different work places or job roles?
Yes, we constantly work in the realm of urgent needs and clients who are in need of staff ASAP. Typically, our contract lengths are 13-26 weeks, which can be the perfect way to experience different workplaces and job roles.

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The people supporting you want the best for you.

What’s your favorite part about what you do?
My favorite part of my job is the relationship building, making connections with my clients, and seeing the positive impact of making a successful placement for both the client and employee.

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While the majority of jobs available through agencies tend to be ideal for those starting out in their careers, there are opportunities for those in healthcare areas that require graduate degrees or extensive training, or for those who are looking to advance to the next level. You can find everything from medical billing and coding to physician assistant to healthcare administrator openings, depending on the needs of your nearby medical facilities.

If you’re interested in seeing the types of jobs that may be available to you, or if you just have questions about how a respective agency works, simply search online for an agency near you. You can easily be connected to a recruiter whose job is to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, or you can use their job search tool to discover job openings for yourself.