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Find links to everything from professional associations to social media in the field of health sciences and technology.

Health sciences is a massive field that combines the sciences and health care. But no matter what mix of math, science, engineering and technology are stirred into the recipe called health care services, the goal is still the same: to deliver quality health care to patients, no matter which population.

Because of the scope of career and degree options under the health sciences umbrella, it can seem a daunting task to stay current on the latest information and technology changes within the field. But no matter where your interests lie, if you’re a student of health sciences, we can help you find all the resources you’ll need, from the minute you become a student to the day you start looking for a career in your health science specialty.

There’s also good news as far as job growth and projections for those interested in a future in the health sciences: the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates an 18 percent job growth for occupations in the healthcare professions, which is much faster than average for all career fields. And with the projected addition of 2.3 million new jobs in the next decade, healthcare and the health sciences will be adding more jobs than any other group of occupations.

Health Sciences Career Growth


job growth


million new jobs

On this page, you’ll find more than 100 resources related to health sciences school, advancements and careers. Interested in becoming a member of a professional organization? Need research tips for your graduate project? Not sure what area of health sciences is right for you? Even if you just want to get connected to a support group we’ve got links to official sites, scholarships and financial aid, social media and blogs and more.

Professional Associations

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The NIEHS contributes to scientific knowledge of human health and the environment. Their goal is to promote the health and well-being of people globally.

National Academy of Sciences

A group of distinguished scholars comprise the NAS, whose goal is to provide objective and informed advice to the U.S. on matters related to health, science and technology.

National Consortium for Health Science Education

The NCHSE stimulates creative and innovative leadership for the healthcare workforce. The consortium stays true to its purpose by encouraging all who have a stake in quality health science education.

Health and Science Communications Association

With an international membership from diverse backgrounds, HeSCA nonetheless shares a unified commitment: to sharing knowledge and resources in the health and sciences fields.

Association for Career & Technical Education – Health Science Division

ACTE’s Health Sciences division is the largest national education association preparing people for careers in the field. They strive to create strong leadership in order to develop a competitive workforce.

Health Sciences Association

The HSA is a union that represents health science professionals who work in hospitals, acute care and long-term care facilities. They also support children in child care and women who are recovering from domestic and other violence.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

This private non-profit provides expert advice on science, medicine and engineering to the nation and the world. They pride themselves on helping to shape policy and inform public opinion.

Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries

The AASHL believes in better health through better information. They support academic health sciences libraries in order to advance patient care, research and community service through knowledge management.

HOSA – Future Health Professionals

HOSA is an international student organization dedicated to promoting career opportunities in healthcare and health sciences, and to providing quality care to all people. The organization is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Research America: An Alliance for Discoveries in Health

United by an alliance of member organizations, Research!America strives to make research to improve health a national priority. The group achieves its ends through advocacy, leadership and outreach campaigns.

Health Science Education

The Health Sciences Academy

The Health Sciences Academy is a London-based school that focuses on promoting quality education in the health sciences. They are an online educator that specializes in nutritional science courses prepared by scientists and researchers.

National Consortium for Health Science Education

The partnership, consisting of both individuals and organizations, has a vested interest in health science education. The NCHSE believes that a well-educated healthcare workforce is propagated through creative and innovative leadership.


MERLOT stands for Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching, and this California State University system provides a resource for health science students interested in finding learning materials and submitting their assignments for evaluation.

International Journal of Health Sciences Education

The International Journal of Health Sciences Education is a repository that aggregates all health science research conducted by East Tennessee State University scholars, faculty and students into one place.

ACTE Health Science Education Division

The Health Science Education Division of ACTE is a broad-based foundation of educators, teacher educators and government supervisors who are dedicated to educating students for tomorrow’s health care community.

National AHEC Organization: 10 Pillars Shaping the Future of Health Science Education

The National Area Health Education Center Organization provides this PDF for anyone interested in education and training for healthcare transformation.

Health Science Credentials

Pharmacy Technician Certification Board

The PTCB has been providing profession certification since 1995. Exam information and certification preparation content are available on their site.

National Healthcareer Association

The National Healthcareer Association offers a range of certification options from EKG technician certification to medical administrative assistant credentials. The organization also provides resources for employers and educators.

American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science

Servicing students, new professionals and leaders in the field, the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science is a source for certification information as well as career and CEU resources.

Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

Find everything you need to know about the national physical therapy exam here. Deadlines, state licensing information and an exam candidate handbook can be accessed on this site.

Professional Association of Health Care Office Management

Connect with other medical office managers through forums and a member library. The Professional Association of Health Care Office Managers also offers Certified Medical Manager (CMM) certification; exam information is on the site.

American College of Health Care Administrators

The American College of Health Care Administrators offers two types of certifications: Nursing Home Administrator and Assisted Living Administrator. Learn more about which states require professional credentials and obtain exam information.

American Health Information Management Association

Health information management, coding and specialty certifications are all available through the American Health Information Management Association. The site provides comprehensive facts on the importance of credentialing as well.

Health Science Careers Information

Boston University

Even if you don’t attend Boston University, the school’s brief health science careers overview is worth a read. Find out what you can expect on the job and where health science professionals work.


The area of health science covers many career paths, from biologist to veterinary technician. Search O*Net for job descriptions, typical tasks and salary facts.

Advance CTE

This non-profit, which focuses on career technical education, outlines the essential knowledge for health science careers. As a member, you’ll enjoy professional development opportunities such as webinars.


Help protect the world from health threats such as malaria as an employee of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Search career opportunities and learn more about this public health agency on their site.

Looking for a health science job? Start at, a site which aggregates current career opportunities in your area.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The premier source for national career statistics and information. Tap into the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for the latest information on health science occupations.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

ACTE – HSE & Catherine B. Junge Memorial Scholarships

The HSE & Catherine B. Junge Memorial Scholarship is an annual award for HOSA-Future Health Professionals students. Application deadlines are in March of each year.

American Medical Association

The American Medical Association hosts a resource page for students looking for grants, awards and scholarships for their health sciences education. From minority student opportunities to post-graduate research seed grants, you’ll find a list of financial aid possibilities.

Edelman Health Sciences Scholarship

The Edelman Scholarship Endowment is intended for students pursuing a health sciences degree. This annual endowment pays up to $5,000 and hopes to encourage students to return to Alaska once they have completed their education program.

HRSA Loans & Scholarships

HRSA hopes to strengthen the health sciences workforce by offering several student, provider and faculty-based loan and scholarship programs. They cross over several different health care fields, but all are aimed to get services to underserved populations.


The FAFSA is the staple of federal financial aid, and students in all areas of health sciences should fill out the FAFSA in order to be considered for a number of different financial awards for their education.

Federal Pell Grant

The Pell Grant is a federal award that provides funds to low income undergraduate and some graduate students. Grant amounts are determined by financial need and costs to attend your chosen school.

Gates Millennium Scholarship

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Scholars Program provides and promotes academic opportunities for students of color. Gates Millennium Scholars has awarded on average $12,785 to 1,000 of the millennium scholars selected each year.

National Health Service Corps Scholarships

If you are a student at an accredited school and enrolled in a primary care discipline, you may be eligible for an NHSC scholarship. These awards pay tuition, fees and a living stipend in return for a two-year commitment to work at an approved underserved community.

Public Health Scholarships

This site is an aggregate of public health scholarships for undergraduates and graduate students who are enrolled in programs that will conclude with the student becoming a practicing public health care professional across all disciplines.

Tylenol Future Care Scholarship

Each year the makers of TYLENOL award annual scholarships to deserving students pursuing a career in healthcare or the health sciences. The TYLENOL scholarship program has been in existence for 23 years and has awarded over eight million dollars.

The National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Program

This undergraduate scholarship program offers awards to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who pursue an education in biomedical, behavioral and social science health research. The award pays up to $20,000 per academic year.

HOSA Scholarships

HOSA partners with STEM Premier to provide scholarship opportunities for students in a variety of health science career fields, including pharmacy, public health, audiology and speech therapy among several other medical and health-based specialties.

Health Science Publications

Discover Magazine

Discover Magazine tackles everything from health and medicine to technology, space and physics. Focusing on developments in these fields, Discover features stories by some of the greatest minds in science.

Health Science Journal

Health Science Journal is essentially a database full of manuscripts and articles that are reviewed by the HSJ editorial board or relevant experts in the field of the health science.

Healthcare IT News

Full of whitepapers, videos, blogs, webinars and up to the minute news articles related to healthcare information technology, Healthcare IT News is your authoritative industry resource covering people, policy and technology.

MIT News

MIT News covers health sciences and technology news from all over the world (and from the MIT campus). If you need a compilation of everything IT in health sciences, this is your website.

Health Sciences Association Report Magazine

Report Magazine is a quarterly publication geared toward Health Sciences Association’s members. This union-focused journal reports on both the health sciences field and union issues that concern members in the healthcare industry.

Health Science Magazine

National Health Association’s magazine specifically pinpoints healthy living and eating as well as health science news. You can find interviews and profiles of leading figures in the health movement world.

Global Journal of Health Science

This peer-reviewed open access journal aims to provide a platform for the health sciences research community to share research and findings about all areas of health science, from public health to medical ethics.

Health Science Blogs

Scientific American Blogs

Covering the sciences, health, tech and education the Scientific American blog and podcast site has something for everyone.

The Healthcare IT Guy

Just one of several personality blogs in the Healthcare Guys channel, Shahid Shah adds an insider’s perspective about digital health, med tech, life sciences and pharmacy tech.

Health Science Strategy Blog

With references from Harvard Medical School, Ohio State University, the Washington Post and other reputable sources, this blog is a visionary perspective on healthcare innovation and patient empowerment.

The Health Sciences Academy Blog

The Health Sciences Academy blog offers practical tips and advice to keep readers healthy and motivated. Includes book reviews and Thursday’s Science Catch-up.

Global Health Policy Blog

The Global Health policy blog takes a larger stance view on global health issues such as drugs, vaccines, HIV/AIDS and health-related foreign assistance and financing. Come here for a bigger picture.

The Washington Post – Health and Science

The Washington Post tackles human interest topics in their entertaining blog. From stories answering “how many germs are on a toilet seat” to FDA data gaps regarding the safety of hand sanitizer, you’ll finds lots of minutiae but you’ll never be bored.

NPR Health Blog

NPR focuses on (not surprisingly) healthcare, global health, science and technology—and “your health”—in their expansive and fascinating blog. You can read or listen to posts—it’s up to you.

Medical Quack Blog

Barbara Duck runs this unorthodox blog, where she offers unique and different perspective views on the business of healthcare today. She discusses technologies, insurance and policies and what to do topics for all readers.

Social Media

Andy Dé

Join Andy Dé, self proclaimed visionary health sciences IT and big data analytics guru as he tweets his thoughts and strategies in the fields of health sciences and technology.


“Leading the best use of health IT to better global health” is HIMSS’s motto, and its Twitter page reinforces that tenet, with tweets pointing to timely articles on the state of the industry and patient care.

Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

ONC’s mission is to improve health for all Americans and the healthcare industry through the use of information technology. They tweet about patient rights, advocacy and sharing healthcare data.

Healthcare IT News

Healthcare IT News shares trends, insights and commentary on the healthcare IT industry and data to help hospitals and caregivers improve care quality.


Fierce Health IT (FHIT) delivers must-know news, insights and updates as well as current trends to keep healthcare executives, chief information officers and health IT managers on top of their game.

Oracle Health Sciences

This strategic business software and hardware solutions company has a lot to say about clinical development and healthcare. Join them as they tweet about big data in the health sciences industry.

Health Technology

At Techmedicus you can expect all the latest medical technology news and informed discussions gathered for you in one place. Tweet about trends or just read what to expect from the next big things in the healthcare and sciences industries.

Medical Quack

Barbara Duck’s Twitter page puts her healthcare consultant expertise into practice. She tweets about healthcare technology, news and occasionally, ducks.

Healthcare Tech Talk

This Twitter page for the Healthcare Tech Talk network will keep anyone interested in the field of health sciences on their toes as they feature expert guests discussing everything in healthcare tech.

Christina Thielst

Health Science Journal

With its smart stance on nutrition as a weapon against illness and poor health, the Health Science Journal is a shared vision that points readers to modern and traditional health resources, recipes, tips and exercise.

Oracle Health Sciences

Oracle Health Sciences focuses on healthcare, health sciences and medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. Their goal is to help develop and discover innovative products to cure and prevent illness.

National Academy of Sciences

The DC-based National Academy of Science covers global issues and concerns and invites followers to comment on issues related to everything from academics to worldwide trade and the healthcare concerns that it generates.

Health & Science Communications Association

Health & Science Communications Association posts events and conferences to keep members and readers up-to-date and active as a participation-driven, virtual group.

Health Sciences Association of British Columbia

The Health Sciences Association of British Columbia page posts recent happenings in the legislature and industry, and is a forum for workers and members to share thoughts and actions universally.

HOSA – Future Health Professionals

HOSA’s Facebook page is a sounding board for future healthcare professionals, and here readers can post—and get updates—on everything from conferences to events.

National Academy of Sciences

The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine Facebook page offers summertime reading, infographics and posts related to the three fields.

Insight Medical Publishing Company

Insight Medical Publishing Company, committed to providing the most accurate and innovative stories about online learning and advancing science and medicine, invites readers to take a look at recent global studies.

Health Services Research

Health Services Research is the flagship publication and official journal of Academy Health. They tweet noteworthy news and tidbits about health science research, the industry and award-winning papers on noteworthy health science topics.

Health Sciences Academy

The Health Sciences Academy focuses on food, eating, health science, and obesity through posts about how we live, book reviews and social mores and stigmas in our society.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The NIEHS Facebook page keeps current on environmental health and sciences events around the globe and spotlights research, grants and activities performed by NIEHS members and awardees.

Video & Podcasts

Scientific American

Join host Steve Mirsky as he explores the latest developments in healthcare and tech through interviews with journalists and scientists in the field. You can also listen to 60-Second Science and get updates every weekday for the latest news in a nutshell.

National Institutes of Health

NIH’s podcast and radio programs focus on environmental science and feature discussions with scientists involved globally on environmental health issues.

A Moment of Science

A Moment of Science is Indiana Public Media’s daily audio podcast providing the scientific and technological story behind some of life’s most perplexing mysteries—medical and otherwise.

TED Talks Science + Medicine

Recorded from the TEDx conferences and events, some of the world’s greatest scientists, doctors and medical researchers share their discoveries and visions onstage at the TED conference.

Tech Tonics

Taking the tech slant and applying it to healthcare and sciences, Tech Tonics discusses medicine and biology and social media. This unique approach gives listeners a different perspective on health issues.

Mayo Clinic Podcast

Mayo Clinic Radio, hosted by Joel Streed is an amalgam of medical news podcasts covering Cancer, Cardiovascular, Neurosciences and Organ Transplant issues with a healthy dose of general health science topics to also select.

Healthcare Tech Talk

Healthcare Tech Talk invites doctors and scientists to speak on every topic that’s raising flags in the healthcare industry and sciences fields. The most recent podcast explores the changing world of medical imaging.

NPR Science & Medicine Podcasts

NPR’s compilation of podcast shows covers virtually every topic you can think of in healthcare, science, technology and the environment. Their library of podcasts are culled from public radio stations around the country.

Health Sciences Association of British Columbia

This Canadian union delivers healthcare news and allows technicians and workers in the healthcare industry to speak out about issues and topics in the health-related workplace.

HOSA – Future Health Professionals

Lots of Public Service Announcements flesh out the National HOSA video library with public preparedness for healthcare catastrophes at the fore. But this provider takes a broad stance on healthcare issues as well.

National Academy of Sciences

With a plethora of different videos and channels to surf, the National Academy of Science focuses of public health and welfare and doing good in the public sectors.

Health Science Research

Science Direct

Type in your focus or interest and Science Direct will reference peer-reviewed journals and books on scientific, technical and medical research topics.

Science Daily

Search health, technology and environmental news to get updated on topics regarding current medical and technology studies and research, as well as diseases affecting us globally, from Zika to E.coli.

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic offers HSR investigation programs, collaborative research, and clinical applied research around a variety of health-related topics, from healthcare policy to medical informatics.

Environmental Health Sciences Research Center

For over 25 years, the EHSRC at the University of Iowa has advanced research addressing environmental health issues across the urban and rural landscape.

Health Science Research (Sage Publishing)

You can order health science research/quantitative methods handbooks on this website. There are also convenient dropdowns that will target your interests and help you find the information you’re looking for easily.

Institute of Translational Health Sciences

The ITHS of the University of Washington is a members-driven group that improves health by accelerating research through volunteer participation and education and training.

Health Services Research

Health Services Research impacts healthcare practice and policy through state-of-the-art research and thinking. Their website is a compilation of articles and research featured in their most recent publication and its archives.

History of Health Science

Columbia – Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library is an aggregate of indexes, Internet guides and encyclopedias about the history of health sciences, medicine and alternative medicines. If you’re looking for a biographical history of medicine for instance, this is your one-stop shop.

Medical Library Association

Broken into sections such as History of… and Organizations in the Health Sciences Library, this basic list of links covers a huge wealth of health science related subjects and people within the industry who have shaped the field.

UNC Health Sciences Library

The University of North Carolina Health Sciences Library hosts this resource, and it’s a digital archive on collections and websites in the history of the field. The Library also includes tutorials and sections on medicine plants and a medical instrument and pharmaceutical collection.

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo School of Health Sciences relays its history within the field of healthcare as an educator and developer. This page illustrates its hundred year history as a healthcare leader.

Medical Library Association Communities

This members board invites discussion about health sciences history topics. After joining and logging in you can access collections, network with health sciences libraries and get educated in the field.

Rock Health

Rock Health provides a brief history of health technology for historians in the field. Even though the site is a little bit dated, Rock Health focuses on discoveries that date back to 950 BC and Egyptian toe prosthetics. It’s a fun way to fill a half hour.