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Healthcare Management Internships

Get healthcare management experience in an internship program.

Build Your Résumé Through Experience

According to the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), more and more employers have begun to require master’s degrees for positions that previously required a bachelor’s. And many master’s-level training programs include supervised internships as part of their curriculum.

Choosing a school with an internship and job placement program should be a top consideration when you research health care management colleges. Other resources for finding healthcare management internships include the following professional associations:

Landing an Internship

The process for obtaining a healthcare management internship will vary depending on your school. In general, though, you can expect to carry out these steps in your internship quest:

  • Decide on the type of organization where you would like to intern—do you want experience in a hospital, clinic, nursing home, in outpatient care or another type of workplace?
  • Set up interviews with potential organizations you’d like to work for, and with supervisors at each
  • Upon acceptance, get any necessary approval from college program leaders
  • Coordinate dates for the internship with your supervisory instructor

What to Expect from a Healthcare Internship

A healthcare management internship can take on many forms, depending on the employer. Your main goal should be to gain experience in a wide variety of health care management divisions, particularly those that interest you the most.

During your internship, you can expect to perform tasks such as the following:

  • Work on communications, marketing, administrative, research and other projects that pertain to both your interests and the organization’s current needs
  • Stay in contact with your supervisory instructor regarding internship tasks and health care management coursework
  • Self-manage work projects based on classroom performance and instructor’s input
  • Complete a final project that pertains to the internship experience
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