Compare Health Service Management Jobs

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What Are Health Service Management Jobs?

If you’ve been in an office setting for very long, you may notice that the words “manager” and “administrator” apply to a wide variety of job titles—from the entry-level job managing the workroom or front desk, to the executive job making strategic decisions for the business. So when you hear the term “health service management jobs,” it’s not surprising to learn that there’s a broad spectrum of jobs that fit into the category.

Types of Health Service Management Jobs

Medical Secretary: While answering phones and assisting medical staff may not be the most glamorous position in the office, when things run smoothly in a medical practice, you can bet that there’s a highly-organized professional at the helm.

Job Traits:

  • Enjoy working with people
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Familiar with common office technology and software

Health Information Technician: Anyone who’s been to the doctor knows there’s a lot of paperwork involved. Amid all those forms and file notes, there’s vital information that helps with everything from billing your insurance company to alerting doctors about your penicillin allergy. Health information technicians, also sometimes called medical records specialists, help keep all that information organized and up-to-date.

Job Traits:

  • Analytical mind
  • Good attention to detail

Health Information Manager: From a health information technician position, it’s a natural leap to a health information manager job. Your focus will still be on maintaining patient records, but as the manager of a team of technicians.

Job Traits:

  • Enjoy working with patient files and data
  • Enjoy managing others

Medical Office Manager: A medical office manager’s daily duties could vary depending on your employer. While the details are different, however, the general purpose of an office manager is to coordinate and manage all the support staff. You’ll also complete or delegate the administrative tasks associated with the business.

Job Traits:

  • Highly organized
  • Good leadership skills

Hospital Administrator/Health Care Administrator: At the top of the health service management job food-chain, you’ll find executive-level administrators running hospitals and large health care companies. If your ultimate goal is to land a position as a hospital administrator, your best bet is to pursue a graduate-level degree in health care administration.

Job Traits:

  • Good leadership skills
  • Strategic thinker
  • Business savvy