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Imagine using your skills to help catch a life-threatening disease early or give a patient peace of mind in a time of crisis.

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The Forefront of Modern Medicine

"Sonography takes a lot of self-confidence and problem-solving ability. It's not just taking one picture - it's knowing how to look at the organ and get the images you need." Vickie Martin loves her work because of its challenges.

After training in diagnostic radiology, she had a rotation in ultrasound sonography and fell in love with the work. "You have to look at the anatomy and the pathology, and decide what pictures need to be taken. I liked helping people, and I liked the complexity of the exam."

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Ultrasound Tech Interview

Nancy Rinke - Currently enrolled at University of Kansas Medical Center's 15-month Ultrasound Training Program

Nancy Rinke came to ultrasound tech school by an unusual path. A professional horse trainer, at the age of 40 she found that getting bucked off a horse was no longer a laughing matter, so she shifted to horse breeding.

She soon discovered sonography. "Sonography is used extensively in horse breeding to determine when to inseminate, and then to look for pregnancy. I was fascinated with the ultrasound, and was always asking my vet questions."

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