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Whether you're aiming for your MD or starting at the radiology tech level, the field has a place for you.

In our Radiologic Technologist Training Resource Center, we will focus on the most common entry-point to the field: radiologic technologist careers. However, since these jobs can be a great starting place for individuals who wish to pursue advanced radiology careers, we will also cover the range of career options available in the radiology field.

Choosing Radiology Tech Training Schools

Learn about the different kinds of radiology degrees that are available to you, and choose the degree that best suits your educational and career goals. You'll also learn about professional certification and school accreditation. Read more about choosing radiology schools.

Radiology Tech Specialties

Read about radiology tech job specialties such as Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), mammography, and cardiac- and vascular-interventional radiography. Learn more about radiology specialties for your career.

Radiologic Tech Training

Find out what kinds of classes you'll take in a radiologic technology training program. Learn about the different degree options available to you as you embark on your education. Read more about radiologic tech training.

Jobs and Career Outlook

Before you get your radiologic technologist training, it's important to gather facts about the industry.  Read a job description; learn about job growth and industry projections. Find out more about the career outlook for radiology jobs.

Salary Information

Wondering what you can expect from a radiology salary or radiology tech salary? Learn how to put yourself at the top of the salary range. Read more about radiology salary data.

Radiology Career Paths

What's the difference between a radiology technician, a radiologic technologist and a radiologist? Learn what each job entails and how it differs from other radiology jobs. Read more about radiology career paths.

Radiology Tech Certification

Before you start your career as a radiologic technologist, it's important to learn about the certification requirements in your area. Read more about radiology certification for radiologic technologists.

Radiologic Technologist Profile

Radiologic technologist, Elena DiPardo loves her job. Find out why she's still enthusiastic about her work after 27 years in the business. Read our interview.

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