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In public health careers, you'll work to improve the health and quality of life for entire communities—not just individuals.

You'll increase awareness of public health and safety issues in order to prevent illnesses and injuries—not just treat them.

Public health is a career field that encompasses a wide variety of jobs. So whether you want to track down the causes of disease as an epidemiologist or teach the public how to avoid getting sick as a health educator, there is a public health career that will fit your unique skill set.

Job Description

What makes a public health job worth doing? What's the difference between a biostatistician and an environmental public health worker? Read this article to learn about some of the many variations in public health jobs.

Choose a Public Health Degree Program

Get the public health degree that will best suit your interests and help you meet your career goals. Take a closer look at what public health schools offer, and start your career off right.

Public Health Job Outlook

Before you enter a public health career, it can be helpful to understand what to expect in the industry. Learn about job growth and employment statistics for common public health jobs.

Salaries for Public Health Careers

Public health salaries range from $31,500 to over $100,000 annually. Find out what to expect from the career you've chosen in the public health field. You'll find information about compensation for many public health careers.

Getting Your Degree Online

If you're a working adult who's thinking about going back to school to earn a public health degree, you may be a good candidate for an online program. Discover the benefits of earning your public health degree online.

Top 10 Public Health and Safety Achievements

Public health and safety awareness transformed life in the 20th century. Find out what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe are the top ten contributors to the success of public health and safety efforts.

Public Health Nursing

If you're interested in a nursing career where you can focus your energy on helping poor and underserved communities, consider a fulfilling career in public health nursing.

History of the U.S. Public Health Service

In modern life, we often take the presence of public health agencies and workers for granted. Learn how the U.S. Public Health Service got it's start. Explore the history of formalized public health service.

See Public Health in Action

If you're having trouble picturing the kinds of issues you'll deal with in a public health job, look no further than these recent news headlines. Read more about public health news.

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