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Learn everything you need to know about getting an education and working as a physical therapist.

Ready to Attend Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy School?

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Part teacher, part coach, and part medical professional, you'll help patients improve their health in a hands-on environment where the relationship with the patient is often as much a part of the equation as your physical therapy or occupational therapy expertise.

If you want a flexible job that will let you interact with patients needing a wide variety of treatments, physical therapy or occupational therapy school can put you on the right path.

Careers and Jobs Overview

“Physical therapists form relationships with their patients that can go on for years,” says Colleen Harper, Chief of Physical Therapy at LaRabida Hospital. “The relationship is a key part of the healing process.”

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Education and Coursework

Find out what you'll study, how long it will take to complete your degree and how to prepare for acceptance in a physical therapy education program.

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Physical Therapist Personality Traits and Skills

A physical therapist is integral to patients rehabilitating from injuries or illness. Learn which personal and professional traits you'll need to succeed as a physical therapist.  

You are... You should have...
Dependable Excellent customer service
Analytic Good judgment 
Caring Time management skills
A problem solver A great ability to work with others
Comfortable working with the public Critical thinking skills
A good listener Concern for others
Organized Excellent communication skills

Occupational Therapist vs. Physical Therapist

Occupational therapists and physical therapists both do important rehabilitative work to help patients with injuries or disabilities that limit how they're able to function in daily life. While there are some similarities between the two careers, there are plenty of differences too. Find out in this comparison article.