Medical Imaging Training and Careers Resource Center

Your guide to ultrasound and radiologic tech education, certification and careers.

Medical Imaging Careers

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Medical imaging technology plays an important role in today's health care system, and workers with the knowledge and skills to perform diagnostic imaging procedures are in high demand.

In this resource center, you'll find articles that will help you plan your education and provide insight into the job field. Read on to explore the following medical imaging topics:

Accreditation & Organizations

School accreditation is an important sign that a school meets high educational standards and will prepare you to meet the challenges of your chosen profession. Learn which accrediting bodies to look for as you search for schools.

Find out more about medical imaging school accreditation.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

There are several ways to finance your medical imaging training. Learn about scholarship resources and the types of financial aid that are available through the federal government.

Read more about how to pay for medical imaging school.

Medical Imaging Glossary

"Medical imaging" is a term that covers a broad spectrum of specialties. Read a short definition of different job titles.

Learn the basics about various medical imaging careers.

Radiologic Technologist Careers

Radiologic technologists produce digital images of the body to help physicians diagnose their patients. Learn about typical job duties, the career outlook and more.

Get more information about radiologic technology careers.

Ultrasound Tech Careers

As an ultrasound technician, you'll use high frequency sound waves to create images of a patient's internal organs and systems.

Learn more about ultrasound tech careers.

Salary Data

Want to know what you'll earn in medical imaging careers? Compare salaries for different medical imaging jobs.

Find out what to expect from medical imaging salaries.