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What is Medical Billing and Coding?

medical billing and coding specialist

Medical Coding
Medical coders update patient files using a universally recognized coding system (ICD-10 index) to ensure compliance with federal regulations and insurance requirements.

Medical Billing
Medical billing is a subspecialty of medical coding. Although there are programs that offer medical billing training by itself, a program that combines both billing and coding in one training program will be more complete, since medical coding is the first step in the medical billing process.

Medical Billing and Coding Salaries

Read the medical billing and coding salary article to learn what you can expect to make. Learn what kind of things affect your earning potential and what you can do to boost your wages.

Work at Home

There's more to starting your at-home medical billing or coding business than installing software on your computer and letting doctors know you're open for business. To avoid the heartache of starting a business that loses money, or being taken advantage of by medical coding software scams, here are two important articles you should read first:

Medical Billing and Coding School

If you're planning to head to medical billing and coding school, you probably have questions about courses, financial aid and accreditation. Head over to our medical billing and coding training page to get answers to your questions.

Medical Biller and Coder Traits and Skills

Medical billers and coders, also known as medical records and health technicians, are part of a growing area of health care. This in-demand career won't call for you to provide any patient care, but you will be interfacing with physicians and other health care professionals regularly.

You are... You should have...
Thorough Good concentration
Detail-oriented Excellent communication skills
Analytical Basic computer skills
Patient High ethical standards