Your Massage Therapy Career

An in-depth guide to becoming a massage therapist.

Massage Therapy Career Center

massage therapist with hot stones

"There is more and more massage therapy needed in hospitals and clinics. Some people work for chiropractors or physical therapists or in gyms." Tim Bauer, massage therapy student.

As the massage profession gains recognition from the health care industry, massage therapy career opportunities increase exponentially.

Use this resource guide to assist you through the process of starting a massage therapy career. From choosing the right program to getting your license, all the information you need to begin your massage therapy career is right here. You'll find answers to your questions about the following:

Massage Therapy Skills and Personality Traits

Job demand is growing as massage therapy has been shown to treat all types of issues, from physical pain to anxiety and depression. Find out if you have the skills and personality traits to succeed in this growing career.

You are... You should have...
Compassionate Good physical strength
Independent Excellent communication skills
Socially perceptive Unwavering ethical standards
Dependable Interpersonal skills
Friendly Good judgment
An excellent listener Critical thinking skills