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Health Care Administration Careers

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Health care is a business, and like all businesses, it requires skilled managers to keep things running smoothly.

Three of the top administrative areas in health care revolve around office management, health services and information management. 

If you're interested in pursuing a career in one of these top health care industries—or are just beginning your research to figure out which health care field to enter—read on to learn more about health care administration careers, financial aid, job duties and salary data:

The Business of Health Care Administration

Health care administration is a booming field that combines caring for people with business leadership. Charlene Boyd, Administrator of Providence Mount Saint Vincent Hospital in Seattle, describes the best health administration workers as people "who have passion for their work, vision for the future, and who understand the principles of leadership."

For nursing home administrator David Klanderman, leadership requires a focus on service to others. "If you flip the organizational chart and put the administrator on the bottom, that's this job. Nobody cares if you have paperwork to do. If they need you, they need you now."

"It's demanding as hell, and you have to be open with people and let them be who they are. But it's a wonderful experience when people rely on you."

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Health Care Administration Salaries

Read what kind of salary you can earn as a medical office manager, health information manager or in a health care services administrator role.

Health Administrator Interview

Matt Johnson
Currently enrolled at Rush University's
Master's in Health Systems Management Program

What are some characteristics of successful health administrators?
Every day in health care you're faced with a new set of challenges you need to solve. You need to excel in problem solving and strategic thinking. You need the ability to take a problem and pick it apart, come up with logical solutions.

It's not just about the bottom line, being profitable or not profitable. People in the health profession need to be passionate about health care. It's caring about providing the best quality health care to the largest number of people.

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Medical Office Management Careers

Health Services Administration Careers