Everything You'll Need to Know About Dental Assisting

Your comprehensive guide to dental assisting school, certification and careers.

how to become a dental assistant

If you're looking for a new career, dental assisting offers great hours and benefits. You can get into the workforce easily through fast track certificate dental assisting training, or find an affordable diploma or associate's degree program that works with your schedule.

Dental assistant careers offer decent wages, a clean work environment and the ability to help others. Explore our dental assisting training resources to learn more about careers in the field.

Using the Career Guide

Click the links on the right to find everything you'll need to research careers in the dental assisting field. You'll find everything from training and certification information to scholarships and financial aid data to help you pay for your education. Read about the necessary traits that make for a successful dental assistant.

Dental Assistant School

Do you need a degree or certification to work as a dental assistant? Find out what type of school you'll need to attend to get your career started.

Dental Assistant Salaries

Read the dental assistant salary article to learn what you could make, plus find information on job growth and demand.

Dental Assistant Career and Job Duties

Maybe you have an idea of what a dental assistant's job entails. Get detailed information about duties, certification and career paths.

Dental Assistant Personality Traits

Dental assistants, hygienists and technicians all play a critical role in aiding the workflow of a dental care facility.  Between these three dental assisting roles, responsibilities and duties might vary slightly, but each of them involves helping dentists efficiently keep their practices running. Here are the traits that can help you succeed.

You are... You should have...
Thorough Good concentration
Detail-oriented Excellent communication skills
Hygienic Steady hands
Health-conscious Administrative skills
Patient Strong organizational skills
Communicative A commitment to health