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East Meets West: Everyone Can Benefit with Alternative Medicine
Learn which alternative and natural medicines are increasingly being used in western practices today.

Five Health Care Careers That Make a Difference
How often do we get to work in a job that changes the world? Here are 5 healthcare careers that do.

Back to School in a Health Care Degree Program
Use our step-by-step guide to get back to school and prepare for a career in the health care industry.

Is Health Care Job Training a Quick Fix for Unemployment Woes?
What's really going on in the health care job market? Find out what growth in the industry really means for you.

Becoming a Certified Specialist in Physical Therapy
In a physical therapy career, you can help many different kinds of patients. Learn about the various ways to specialize your career and certification.

Start a Medical Career: Health Care Industry Continues to Add Jobs
Find out why it's a good time to start a medical career. Learn about some of your options, such as medical assisting, dental assisting, massage therapy and more.

Make Yourself Marketable in a Tough Economy Technology
Read tips for finding health care jobs in a recession. Learn to make the most of your resume, interview like a pro, and take advantage of education opportunities.

Surviving Surgery—4 Phases of Surgery Technology
Find out if you have what it takes to work in the OR and how other surgical techs react to surprises.

Dental Assistant Resume Advice
Dental assistants know that a good smile makes a great first impression. But in the job market, great first impressions are made by great resumes.

Before Starting an At-Home Medical Billing Coding Business...
Make sure you get the right training from an accredited program. Starting an at-home business before getting the correct training is a recipe for disaster.

Top At-Home Medical Businesses
Thousands of entrepreneurs are starting businesses in rapidly growing fields such as medical billing and coding or medical transcription.

Making a Career out of Medical Transcription
How fast can you type "anterior cruciate ligament"? That's how fast you can switch careers and become a medical transcriptionist.

Working as a Respiratory Therapist
Living and breathing—most of us take healthy lungs for granted. But breathing is a struggle for some people, so respiratory therapists are literally lifesavers.

Avoiding Medical Billing Coding Software Scams
Medical coding software is a useful tool to anyone with their own business. But installing software on your computer does not a medical billing coding business make.

Finding a Health School
The search for the right school can seem like a daunting task, especially when you begin to think of how many schools there are to choose from.

All About Health Education Certification and Accreditation
Learn why accreditation is important to your career goals. Learn what you should be looking for and the benefits of attending an accredited school.

Careers in Allied Health
Allied health professionals are competent, caring and compassionate. Each job involves not only working with your mind, but also with your hands to solve problems and provide quality care.